Why Choose Us

We're Doing Something Right

Exceeding customer expectations now for over 30 years, we have well established our reputation for building the better building time and time again.

"Total Satisfaction is rare, but this time we got complete satisfaction. We are very glad we chose your company to do the job."
-Pat & Bob M.

"Your attention to detail on our custom garage produced a perfect match to our home. We would recommend you to anyone looking to add a garage."
-Dave & Tracy B.

"The workmanship was great, and the project was clean, quick, and thorough. The cost was well within our budget, and completed in the time frame promised! They left us with an awesome addition to our home."
-Joe & Jayne B.

barn with metal roof

residential garage

We'll Not Only Do It Right,
We'll Treat You Right Too

While we're usually comparable or slightly more expensive than the competition, we can assure you that if you're paying less you're often getting less. When we build a building, it's done right. Our crews make every effort to ensure that your building is built complete, without taking shortcuts, and by using only the best materials for the job. Our design team fits every building to your needs, provides engineered drawings, and offers permit assistance to every customer free of charge. Our office staff is always there to answer the phone and ready to help during business hours, and our salesmen are well educated and never pushy.

Customer Satisfaction & Warranty Information

Our goal with you, as it is with all of our customers, is to exceed each and every one of your expectations. That means always being clean, quick, thorough, within budget, and completed in the time-frame we promised. We've got someone in the office every weekday during business hours, and we'll make every effort to make sure you love your new building.

While other companies try to sell you on warranties alone, our focus has always been on offering you the better building. Customers choose us when they notice the quality, price, overall excellence of our buildings, and the total satisfaction people find with our company. Now don't get us wrong, warranties are a great thing to have when buying a building and our buildings come with excellent warranties that outdo our competition, but a building that's not going to fail and will never have to use its warranty will always reign supreme. That's where we step in. We just want our customers to be buying for the right reasons. Our excellent warranties are just a bonus.

Designed and Engineered For Your Life

All buildings are engineered and designed to surpass local code requirements for live, dead, wind, and snow loads for both your geographic location and intended building use, including a 90 MPH minimum wind load. At Pine Creek, we understand the importance of constructing our buildings in a way that will benefit you the most. That's why our in-house architect will work with you every step of the way to make sure that you're getting the most out of your building.