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Stand Out with a Standing Seam Metal Roof

A large home with a standing seam metal roof

Are you looking for a new roof option that will last for decades, require less maintenance, and provide you with a distinctive style choice? Consider a metal roof with standing seams for superior depth and drain guidance! This style of roof system can give your home a completely refreshed aesthetic.

This metal roof system has a wide selection of color choices, a 40-year warranty, and is manufactured right here in Southcentral PA! Standing seam metal roofing from Pine Creek Construction should be one of your top choices for your next big home project—you can schedule a free estimate for standing seam roof installation today!

Daniel and the crews were very detail-oriented, punctual, and flexible from start to finish during the construction of my new facility. They did a fantastic job!”

Christopher Capparelli

Superior Metal Roofing and Siding Manufactured by Pine Creek Construction

If you choose Pine Creek Construction for your roof installation needs, you choose a local operation with more control over your materials. We operate a custom metal forming facility in Elizabethtown, PA, where we manufacture standing seam metal panels and smooth and textured metal roofing and siding. Manufacturing our own panels allows us to choose the absolute best options for our building projects and yours.

So if you’re…

  • A homeowner looking for a new metal roof system
  • A business owner who wants weather-tight roofing
  • A contractor who needs standing seam panels
  • A builder looking for a mechanically locking metal roof

…look no further.

If you choose us as a roofing provider, we will complete your metal roof installation or sell the standing seam metal roof panels to you. Get in touch with us for a quote or to place your order.

Our Standing Seam Metal Roofing and Siding Panels are Perfect for:

What Makes a Standing Seam Metal Roof Different?

A standing seam roofing system is different from a standard metal roof. As the name suggests, it’s recognizable by its “standing seams,” under which the fastener system is concealed. The ridged appearance provides depth and breaks up the roof silhouette for more variation that is pleasing to the eye.

This style not only creates a head-turning look with plenty of curb appeal but also prevents water infiltration through those fastener systems, extending the roof’s life. The standing seams guide water throughout the roughest of weather, giving you more peace of mind that you have a more robust roof system.

Several standing seam roof profiles are available (including snap lock panels), and we invite you to contact us so we can talk about the one that’s best for your roofing project.

Five Reasons to Choose a Standing Seam Roof Instead of Shingles

Standard asphalt shingles have their benefits, but there are many ways metal roof systems are superior and more desirable, depending on your home’s needs. Here are the top five reasons to consider a standing seam metal roof for your home’s next roof:

1. It’s Energy Efficient

Thanks to a cooler home, you can enjoy a reduced energy bill during the summer months. Metal roofs, including standing seam roofs, will reflect approximately 30% more energy than conventional shingled roofs (depending on the metal color you choose). The lightest colors reflect up to 80% of the sun’s heat.

2. It’s Beautiful

Homeowners, business owners, and contractors are discovering how attractive today’s standing seam roofing is. Our standing seam panels, which come in a wide range of colors, have the protection of BeckryTech paint, which ensures that your standing seam panels will maintain their color well into the future.

3. It’s Durable

Not a day goes by that a roof isn’t exposed to the elements (UV rays, rain, wind, snow). But you can rest assured, thanks to our G-90 26-gauge metal roof panels, that your standing seam roof installation will outlast any shingled roof. And to prove it, we offer a 40-year paint warranty with every standing seam metal roof.

4. It’s Economical

Coated steel standing seam roofing is remarkably economical, considering its life expectancy. This material can last longer than 40 years on your home, with fewer repairs and maintenance fees. With proper ventilation and professional installation, it can even be placed over an existing shingle roof. That means no labor costs for the tear-off and disposal of those shingles!

5. It’s Environmentally Friendly

Metal roofing should be a top choice if you prioritize environmentally friendly materials. When you choose a standing seam metal roofing system, you’re consciously choosing to use materials that can be recycled rather than added to a landfill. This choice avoids harsh chemicals and man-made toxins that are the byproducts of asphalt shingles.

Standing seam modern metal roof over vintage stone wall, horizon

Standing Seam Metal Roof Product Specs:

  • Heavy-Duty 26-Gauge Thickness
  • Cut to Custom Lengths
  • Next-Day Pickup Available
  • Roll-Off Onsite
  • EnergyStar Rated
  • 40-year Paint Warranty

Metal Roof and Wall Colors:

One of the leading benefits of choosing a standing seam metal roof system from us is the wide range of color choices available. While typical roof systems come in drab grays and browns, with a splash of red if you’re lucky, our metal roofing and siding panels are available in a wide range of colors:

Light Stone
Bone White
Ash Gray
Light Gray
Rural Red
Slate Blue
Gallery Blue
Earth Brown
Forest Green
Burnished Slate

Textured Metal Roofing Colors:

If you aren’t happy with a smooth roof finish, you don’t have to settle for the first option available. We also supply textured-finish roof panels that are popular for residential roofing projects. These colored and textured panels reduce glare from the sun and provide a robust aesthetic choice that will stand out in your neighborhood.

Black Textured
Brown Textured
Burgundy Textured
Rust Textured
Charcoal Textured
Green Textured
Red Textured
Burnished Slate Textured
Gallery Blue Textured

Every Metal Roof Made With High-Quality Components:

  • 14-ga Painted Stainless Steel Snow Guards
  • Ridge Vent
  • Foam Closure Strips
  • Drip Edge
  • Ridge Capping
  • Expandable Closure Rolls
  • Strip Caulk
  • Painted Screws
  • Rain Gutters
    (5″ and 6″ seamless rain gutters in .032 gauge)
  • Downspouts and Components

Add To Your System With Custom Metal Roof Trims:

We supply a full line of standard and custom trims bent to your specifications!

Standing Seam Roof Installation Available

Need standing seam roof installation? Our work crews supply full-service installation for residential and commercial standing seam metal roof projects, including trim and accessories. Call us today for a free estimate on your complete installation!

10 Reasons to Use Superior Metal Panels from Pine Creek Construction

#1 – Bare Metal

We use a minimum 28-gauge .0157 – 80,000 P.S.I. bare steel to make our Pine Creek Metals Superior Panel to ensure you’ll have the strongest, heaviest coil available.

#2 – Galvanization (2 layers)

To get 60% improved corrosion resistance (compared to AZ50 and G60 products), we coat the PC Metals Superior Panel with a minimum of 10 ounces of protective zinc.

#3 – Zinc Phosphate Pre-Treatment

Next, we prepare the surface for painting with another layer of corrosion protection. The 1421 Henkel pre-treat assists in paint adhesion. Surprisingly, some metal panel manufacturers skip this all-important step.

#4 – Sealer Coat

The sealer coat prepares and seals the zinc pre-treatment to secure it for longer-lasting protection. This is done before applying the HDPE paint system.

#5 – Thicker Primer Coat

This primer coat adds a layer of corrosion protection while preparing the surface for smooth paint application.

#6 – Backer Coat

For buildings’ exteriors, a consistent appearance is a must. This look is what the full off-white backer coat provides: an even layer for the final coatings of your building’s roof.

#7 – Top Coat

For the highest level of color retention available on the market today, we use HDPE (Highly Durable Polyester), which is superior to SMP (Siliconized Modified Polyester), for the top coat.

#8 – Superior UV Resistance

Your roof will include a paint system with UV resistance surpassing that of SMP. We’ve proven this with extensive testing on a fence in South Florida.

#9 – Excellent Paint Flexibility

We’ve significantly reduced paint cracking and micro-fracturing when bending trim and roll-forming panels.

#10 – Improved Hardness

The paint system we use on our standing seam panels is more resistant to scratching, abrasions, and marring during handling than our competitors.

Make a Standing Seam Metal Roof Your Roof of Choice

Get the standing seam metal roof to set your garage, home, horse barn, or pole building apart. If you want that new roof to come with the highest quality standing seam panels, master craftsmanship, and superior customer service, let Pine Creek Construction complete your standing seam roof installation in Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, or York, PA.

If you’re a roofing contractor needing standing seam panels, most orders can be ready for next-day pickup in our Elizabethville, PA, shop. Place an order, get your free estimate, or schedule your standing seam roof installation today!

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